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Review: Blood Red Road by Moira Young

A co-worker of mine had informed me that I MUST read this book. We have extremely similar taste in books, so I decided to give Blood Red Road by Moira Young a try. 

A book written in hybrid slang and has no quotation marks makes Moira a literary genius! She thought outside the box and executed it well. In a dystopian society years ahead of our very own, a fiery young woman named Saba is determined to save her brother, Lugh, who has been kidnapped. As you travel with Saba and her stubborn little sister, Emmi, you are taken to places that will have you chomping at the bit to know what happens next. 

 “We hunker down, some ways apart. We crouch as low to the ground as we can git. My heart’s stuck in my throat.

One more time, Saba. If lightnin catches you out in the open, whaddya do?
Crouch down, head down, feet together, hands on knees. Don’t let my hands or knees touch the ground. That’s right, ain’t it, Pa?

An never lie down. Don’t ferget that, Saba, never lie down.

I hear Pa’s voice loud an clear in my head. He got struck by lightnin as a boy. Nearly got killed from not knowin the right thing to do, so he’s made damn sure we all know what to—

Crack! The darkness splits open with a bright flash an a slam boom. It sends me flyin. I bang my head aginst the ground—hard. Try to pull myself up but fall back. Dizzy. My head spins round an round. I groan.
Saba! Lugh shouts. Are y’okay?

Another flash an boom splits the darkness. I think it’s headed away from us, but I cain’t be sure, my head’s so muddled. My ears ring.

Saba! Lugh yells. Where are you?

Over here! I call out, my voice all thin an shaky. I’m here!

An then Lugh’s there, kneelin beside me an pullin me up to sit.

Are you hurt? he says. Are y’okay? He slips his arm around me, helps me to stand. My legs feel all wobbly. Did it hit you?

I . . . uh . . . it . . . knocked me offa my feet, is all, I says.

Then, as we stand there, the dark rolls away.

An the world’s turned red.

Bright red like the heart of a fire. Everythin. The ground, the sky, the shanty, me, Lugh—all red. Fine red dust fills the air, touches every single thing. A red red world. I ain’t never seen nuthin like it before.

Me an Lugh stare at each other.

Looks like the end of the world, I says. My voice sounds muffled, like I’m talkin unner a blanket.

An then, outta that red dust haze, the men on horses appear.”

Out of five stars, I would gave this book four. Not because it was bad – goodness no! – but because my brain didn’t want to read it the way it was meant to be read. I decided to re-read parts to understand the main character better and get the full experience. With that being said, it took me some time to get into a flow. However, I wouldn’t trade the time for anything. 


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