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Snow Day

This is day number three of staying indoors. Mother Nature just decided to drop a ton of snow our little town. So much snow! About a foot and a half is covering our yards and sidewalks. Not to mention all the packed-snow-turned-ice on the roads. For the last two days we’ve been instructed to stay indoors. Today we have been advised to not venture out for too long because of the low temperature and slick roads.

Who is their right mind would want to venture out in this stuff? Right!?

Well, I did. I was invited out to lunch by my roommate and a friend of ours. We made it to the store and to Subway to get our food. On our way home we thought that we were in the clear due to the fact that we made it to our destination.

Nope. We were SO wrong.

We came upon a four-way stop and the breaks decided to lock up on us. We then start the slide of doom. The idiot in front of us couldn’t get traction (although I didn’t see this tires trying all that hard) and just kind of sat there waiting for us to crash into him. I think he did it on purpose but hey, not my call. As you have gathered, my friend’s car punched the old man’s. To prove how much of an idiot we dealt with, the owner of the giant SUV we hit decided to park in the middle of the (extremely) slick intersection to wait for the police officer to (1.) come, (2.) fill out the report and take pictures, and (3.) release us. I sometimes wonder how people have survived this long in the world.  At least he had his flashers on.

We are all fine, but my friend’s car is not. She has to pay for some repairs. The idiotic old man is ok and so is his vehicle (not even a tiny scratch on it).

But I guess some good can come out of all this. Just look at this cool shark! Yes, I said shark. You’ll see why. 🙂



Before You Decide to Move, Think.

When you decide to move for the first time, out on your own, you have so much going on in your mind. You think, this is going to be great. Nothing will go wrong. What can go wrong?

A lot. A lot can go wrong and here’s just one example: incompatible neighbors.

I am moving.

Why, you ask? Because I cannot take my downstairs neighbors. I’ll explain everything in just a minute, but first I’ll go back to the beginning. 

When I first moved into my apartment, our neighbors at that time were a little loud. They would slam the doors and make the whole hose shake. I could deal with this because they mostly we a quiet little family. One day things progressed and to end a long story, they were forced to move.

Then there was about four months of peace and quiet. FOUR MONTHS! No television noise coming from below, no yelling, no children crying, and everything in between. Peace. And. Quiet. For four whole months. I got used to it.

IMG_6227[Photo provided by personal collection]

Fast forward to two-thirty on a November morning. It’s two days after a family moves in downstairs. I am woken from my much needed sleep to the sound of what I can only understand as rap. *Now I have no mind about rap music if that’s the thing you’re into, I just don’t want to be woken up by it* I try to fall asleep thinking maybe they didn’t mean to have the music on at such a volume. Nope. Thirty minutes later >> cut to me putting a hooded sweatshirt on over a t-shirt and basketball shorts and slipping into my moccasins (I looked a hot mess>let me tell you). I then bang on the back door of the neighbor’s because they cannot hear me at the front with the music so loud. 

Man: *hiding behind the door* What do you want?
Me: Hi. I’m from upstairs and your music woke me up.
Me: Could you turn off the bass or turn the music down or even shut is off. My roommate and I work pretty early and we can’t sleep with such loud music.
Woman: *walking in from another room* Sorry about that. We didn’t know the music was so loud. [um, how could you not?]
Me: Yeah. I just need sleep. The music startled me awake.
Man: Yeah. We’ll keep it down. Sorry
Me: Thanks.

Now, you’d think that would be that. . . . . NOPE! One other time I’ve had to ask them to turn it down because my roommate couldn’t study for her classes.

Also, our neighbors are smokers! Yay us. Not only do they decide to smoke like a freight train, but they smoke illegal substances as well. Hmmmm … have a mentioned that they have a daughter? Yeah.
Needless to say, smoke has arisen and now it smells as though my roommate and I sit and smoke four packs each per day in our apartment. *side note: we are NOT smokers* Our air fresheners and deodorizers won’t even help.

Also, I’m pretty they have a Running of the Bulls training session at least once a week. Little herds of children running and running and running. All. Day. Long.

So, we are moving. Away from loud, inconsiderate, and [possibly illegal] smokers. Into a house. A place where we don’t have to worry about same-home-neighbors. A larger space for just $75 more? Sign me up.

So think before you move out of your parent’s cozy place and into a place of your own. It’s not just an easy decision. It takes planning and waiting. And planning and more waiting. Good luck!

Just to Be Clear: A Rant by Me

I’ve started this blog as a fun thing. Something to do on the side for now. Recently my blog – well, the way I’ve written my “About Me” section and how I am not easily Googled – has been extremely critiqued. I dwelt on it for most of my evening. Even when I was watching Grey’s Anatomy! I mean, come on! I couldn’t even enjoy my Grey’s?

335x188[Photo credit goes to ABC]

Now, after a bit of a chat with my roommate, I just don’t care. I’ll have those who don’t like my blog one way or another and that is fine with me. I’m not trying to win a contest or anything. I must be doing at least one thing right because I have more than zero followers. Hey. I was happy to have ONE!

So, to all my followers so far, thanks for following! You’ve come to like my blog for some reason and I thank you for that. Or maybe you have no clue what my blog is about and you are just following my blog in the hopes that I will follow you back. If that last is the case, you are a sad individual.

Thanks for reading about my rant. Or not reading. I thank you all the same.



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