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Round ‘Em Up

So, I am moving from my apartment to a house. I have been SUPER busy packing, moving, and watching some One Tree Hill the last couple of days and haven’t really taken time to blog. Well, here we go. I’ve decided to share three blog posts that have to do with me moving – in one way or another.

One will be about why I’m moving. One will be about the move. One will be about getting settled.

Blog #1: A Rant to a Bad Neighbor by Rants from Mommyland

This woman is hysterical. I’ve never really looked at “Mommy Blogs” before – and I have none to compare – but this blog makes my day.
Back to my point here. In the above rant, this woman basically sums up why I’m moving. Crappy, no-good, disrespectful neighbors.

Blog #2: Moving Locations like the Homeboy’s Shopping Network by Sweet Bonita Marie

Again, this post made me laugh because it is exactly what I am going through. My mind is trying to think of everything all at once and it is getting a little exhausting. I’m having trouble just deciding what I’ll need for the rest of this week and packing things that I won’t.

Toilet paper … keep until the last day.
Shampoo … keep until the last day.
Nail polish … keep – wait, what?! No. Put it in that box marked “Random Crap” and move it on out.

Blog #3: When Lighting a Candle by Candid Kay

The neighborhood that I am moving into is a nice one. Just after signing all the paperwork, our (my roommate and me … hello Sarah!) landlord gave us the low-down on the block. Who we could say hi to (everyone), who’s house not to park in front of for too long (the one right across the street), and if we should ever get yelled at for crossing the street (the woman with a mental disorder) to just wave and apologize with a smile.

This blog – noted above – describes a great neighborhood. One that helps one another  out.

So, cheers to these three blogs for helping me with this move. Knowing that I’m not the only one out there with these problems, or whatever you want to call them, I feel better about this move that we’re doing.

Thanks for reading fellow bloggers! It’s been real!

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