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This is Who I Am and This is Why I Am Here

blogging[Image credits go to Blogging ReadinessCC-BY-2.0]

In this post, I’m going to tell you (what little of you there are) why I’ve decided to start blogging.

Originally, I wanted to blog because some reading contests give extra points for having a blog. It looked easy enough, so I thought I could just post here and there and be done.
Nope! After posting a few articles and reviews, I’ve realized there is much more work to keep a blog going. Now, however, my reasons have changed. I want to blog and let others know what I’m reading, what I think of the books that I read, and how I feel about other random things in life. This helps me step away from work and life and just connect with the cyber community. It helps take my mind off of things.

Why not keep a personal journal, you ask? Maybe because I want my opinion to be known. Deep down, I think most want just that. To be heard and have our opinions known. To matter one way or another even if one person has read what we have written. To be accessible to others in the hope that we help them or they help us in one way or another.

I will mostly write about books. For the majority, my blog will be about books I am reading, have read, will read, and want to read. I will have some other little random tidbits on here. Maybe a funny quote here or a post about a new recipe there. Mostly, though … books. That’s my life. I mean, I work at a library, so … books. Yeah. 🙂

I very much want to connect to those with similar interests. I really have no plans for my blog; just for me. I want to be able to call myself a blogger. At the end of the year I want to have posted about enough to say, “I’m a blogger. Check out what I wrote about (insert subject here) on my blog!”
That’s what I want from this experience.

So, as I struggle through this year trying to become a blogger, let me know what you think! If you have some feedback and want to share, PLEASE DO SO! I am an easy going person and know how to take criticism.

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