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I’m Done!

Hello Dear (and few) Readers. It will be exactly one month tomorrow since my last post. Well, I won’t let it get that far gone. Let’s not go crazy here.

Anyway! The point to this post is to allow you all to know that I have made the move in one (almost one) piece. It was a bit crazy there for a bit, but all has worked out. My roommate and I are still working out some kinks here and there with cleaning some things up a bit (her bathtub faucet – years of lime and such are just caked on) and deciding how to work others (the dish washer – it’s OLD).

So, (hopefully) I’ll be back to writing on a more regular basis and will keep you posted on things! …. I’ll also add some pictures of the place. Some nondescript pictures. You know the kind. 😉
It’s a cute little storybook house. We love it!

Until tomorrow, my dears.

These Wrinkles

Two days ago I posted a quote by Tyler Knott Gregson about wrinkles and age and happiness. I am going to talk just a little bit more here.

I’ll start off by saying that Gregson is a babe.

Exibit A:

Also, he writes some AMAZING words. He is my new obsession. His writing style is unique and beautiful.

“I’ve been places and I’ve seen things, I’ve stood in the sand when the ocean sings. I’ve jumped on the flights and didn’t look back, traded roots in my feet for wings on my back. I don’t know where, or what I’ll see, I just hope and I hope that you’ll see it with me.” (at Venice Beach)

He writes what he sees. What he feels in that moment. He writes from the heart and it speaks to me.

If you haven’t heard of this man, please check him out here. I’m not saying that you should become a fan (although that wouldn’t be such a bad thing), but I think that everyone – in one way or another – could benefit from one of his writings. At least one.

I’m the Fat and Funny One

Ask anyone. I’m pretty funny. But I’m also not a size 6.

Three days ago, the Daily Prompt and Zero to Hero Challenge asks:
Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

I’m nice, if not a little annoying. I’m that friend who says yes to everyone [I just cannot help it]. I’m the daughter that doesn’t disappoint [That’s a tough one]. I’m the one who has come from a past but has overcome her obstacles with a smile. I’m sister-like [I never get the guy, but all my friends do … Merp]. I’m the “bigger” one of the group [This may be the reason to the previous statement]. To a point, I don’t let facts like this bother me. I am my own person and I choose how I feel. No other person can.

I have a reputation of being the nice girl next door. I’ve not always had that reputation. I’ve been edgy and rebellious, but my morals have always been there. Behind closed doors, I guess.

I’m ok with having the reputation of the nice girl. Most of the time, I get what I want that way and no one questions me about it. **Not that I would EVER abuse that little fact.** … o.O

Reputations are different for everyone. Some see being the “Girl Next Door” as a negative, some [like me] see it as a positive.

I believe you can choose the kind of reputation you has. Even if you have a crappy one now, you can change that around. You decide how people see you by seeing yourself. It’s that simple.

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