Just to Be Clear: A Rant by Me

I’ve started this blog as a fun thing. Something to do on the side for now. Recently my blog – well, the way I’ve written my “About Me” section and how I am not easily Googled – has been extremely critiqued. I dwelt on it for most of my evening. Even when I was watching Grey’s Anatomy! I mean, come on! I couldn’t even enjoy my Grey’s?

335x188[Photo credit goes to ABC]

Now, after a bit of a chat with my roommate, I just don’t care. I’ll have those who don’t like my blog one way or another and that is fine with me. I’m not trying to win a contest or anything. I must be doing at least one thing right because I have more than zero followers. Hey. I was happy to have ONE!

So, to all my followers so far, thanks for following! You’ve come to like my blog for some reason and I thank you for that. Or maybe you have no clue what my blog is about and you are just following my blog in the hopes that I will follow you back. If that last is the case, you are a sad individual.

Thanks for reading about my rant. Or not reading. I thank you all the same.




One response to “Just to Be Clear: A Rant by Me

  • Daniela Pozzobon

    I can relate to what you’re saying. I think sometimes people are too critical to things they don’t even understand. For example, I write about a lot of things that probably don’t make sense to anyone else but me, but as you say: HEY, I was happy to have ONE follower. Now with the challenge (Zero to Hero) a lot of people are showing up and leaving comments. So far, so good…
    I hope blogging continues to be a fun thing for you!

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